Highlights from Kids First Chicago's Latest Parent Leadership Fellowship Meeting

By Nayda De La Rosa | May 24, 2024

On Saturday, May 18, Kids First Chicago hosted its second-to-last Northwest Side Parent Leadership Fellowship (PLF) meeting at Roberto Clemente High School's Parent University.

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CPS Shifts School Funding Model: Local School Council Members Weigh In

By Kids First Chicago Team | May 23, 2024

Kids First Chicago hosted a forum with over 30 Local School Council members to dissect CPS’s new funding approach and weighed in on WTTW's Chicago Tonight.

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Kids First Chicago’s Parent Advisory Board on Illinois House Bill 303

By K1C Parent Advisory Board Executive Committee | May 13, 2024

Kids First Chicago's Parent Advisory Board weighs in on Illinois House Bill 303, indicating its support to extend the moratorium on school closures until a fully-elected school board takes office in 2027.

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The Urgent Need for CPS Funding Transparency

By Stephen Mitchell | May 7, 2024

LSC chair at Bronzeville Classical Elementary Stephen Mitchell calls for CPS budget transparency in a letter to the Chicago Tribune editor.

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A Day of Advocacy: EBF Funding Rally in Springfield

By Claiborne Wade | May 6, 2024

Over 150 advocates from across Illinois–including more than 40 dedicated parents and students from Kids First Chicago–converged on Springfield to champion an increase in the Evidence-Based Funding (EBF) formula to at least $550 million.

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Parent Leaders Advise Kids First

By Jasmin Pizano, Zelianel Ferrer Costas | May 1, 2024

On April 30, 2024, Kids First Chicago's Parent Advisory Board (PAB) met for the first time at Kids First’s new offices. More than 30 PAB members from across the city attended.

Chicago Says Goodbye to Student-Based Budgeting. What's Next?

By Hal Woods | April 3, 2024

At its March 2024 Board meeting, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) announced plans to transition away from student-based budgeting (SBB).

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The Case for Compensating Chicago School Board Members

By Consuelo Martinez, Lorena Lopez | April 1, 2024

Lorena Lopez and Consuelo Martinez, both members of Kids First Chicago’s Parent Advisory Board and Elected School Board Task Force who also serve on Local School Councils, share a compelling argument to compensate Chicago's elected school board members.

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What’s Missing In Chicago’s New Elected School Board Legislation

By Jessica Cañas, Blaire Flowers | March 13, 2024

As the bill heads to Governor Pritzker for final approval, Kids First Chicago weighs in on the Illinois General Assembly’s passage of Senate Bill 15, officially putting Chicago on the path for a partially-elected, partially-appointed Board of Education in 2025.

Springfield Considers Exempting Charters from Chicago’s School Closure Moratorium

By Hal Woods | February 26, 2024

Will the Illinois General Assembly grant power to the Chicago Board of Education to non-renew charters before a school closure moratorium lifts in 2025?

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Funding Illinois' Future Responds to Governor's Budget Proposal, Claiborne Wade Weighs In

By Claiborne Wade, Funding Illinois' Future Coalition | February 23, 2024

Published originally by Funding Illinois' Future coalition on Feb. 23, 2024.

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K1C Signs onto Coalition for Authentic Community Engagement

By Daniel Anello, Maria Owens, Andrea Zayas | February 21, 2024

Kids First Chicago and our Parent Advisory Board join two dozen other organizations calling on Mayor Johnson to push his appointed Chicago Board of Education to engage communities and families around CPS policymaking.