In August of 2018,  our organization shifted our name from New Schools for Chicago, to Kids First Chicago. The communications listed below include those published prior to our organizational name change. To learn more about our history and organizational evolution, please visit History.



In 2019, we are working to release the second iteration of the Annual Regional Analysis, partner with district leadership to design and implement kids-first policies, and support families in navigating to high-quality schools. Read more about our work in our newsletters.



In 2018, we focused on supporting the district in implementing GoCPS at the high-school level, gathering and disseminating transparent information to families, communities, and district leadership, and working with our School Improvement Cohort II to increase school quality.

We also partnered with Chicago Public Schools to develop and release the Annual Regional Analysis, a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive, unified fact base of information on school quality and quantity, choice/enrollment patterns, and programmatic offerings in each region of the city.


A New Chapter for Chicago
April 2019 | READ

Diving deeper into the ARA 2018-19
March 2019 | READ

Celebrating our Parent and Partner Champions
February 2019 | READ

Happy New Year from Kids First Chicago!
January 2019 | READ

Join the Conversation on Chicago’s Educational Transformation
September 2019 | READ

Honoring Our Parent Champions
August 2019 | READ

Join K1C This Summer!
July 2019 | READ

Celebrating Progress and Looking Ahead
June 2019 | READ

Community Perspectives on Community Hubs
May 2019 | READ


December 2018 | READ

Impact in Action: School Quality Search Pages
Special Message | READ

Impact in Action: Our School Enrollment Workshops
Special Message | READ

Sharing Our Gratitude
November 2018 | READ

Communities Start Constructive Conversations Around the ARA
October 2018 | READ

A New School Report! The Annual Regional Analysis
September 2018 | READ

What Parents Think About GoCPS
August 2018 | READ


New Schools for Chicago Transitions to Kids First Chicago
July/August 2018 | READ

2017-2018 School Year in Review
June 2018 | READ

Community Perspectives on Education in Englewood
May 2018 | READ

How a Personal Journey can Fuel Action
April 2018 | READ

GoCPS Initial Participation Results
March 2018 | READ

CPS CEO Dr. Janice Jackson Joins us for Commercial Club Lunch
February 2018 | READ

Chicago Begins the Year Strong
January 2018 | READ



In 2017, we worked to ensure the passage of universal enrollment, at the high-school level by bridging the gap between grasstops and grassroots. We collected parent feedback on the current application process, hired national experts as advisors and critical partners, and provided project management support to Chicago Public Schools. 

We also released a pivotal report Who is Sitting in those Seats?  which examines district performance from 2011 to 2017.


A Year of Progress
December 2017 | READ

A Changing Landscape
November 2017  READ

Introducing Great Schools Matter
October 2017 |  READ

GoCPS Launches
Special Message |  READ

Preparing for GoCPS & Improving Services to Families
September 2017 |  READ 

Welcoming Grantees
August 2017 |  READ

Statement on Illinois School Funding Reform
Special Message |  READ

Implementing GoCPS Alongside CPS
July 2017 |  READ

Breaking: NSC Released Quality Seats Report
Special Message |  READ

Reflecting on School Year 2016-2017
June 2017 |  READ

A Month of Community Engagement
May 2017 |  READ

CPS Board of Directors Approve the Single Application
April 2017 |  READ

Universal Enrollment System on the Horizon
March 2017 |  READ

What a Single Application Means for Chicago Parents and Students
February  2017 |  READ

Reflecting on Progress and Looking Towards the Future
January 2017 |  READ



In 2016, we dove head first in engaging parents and students in the CPS enrollment process with launch of Kids First Chicago as a campaign to support parents.


Enrollment Workshops Make Headlines
December 2016 | READ

Parents & Alumni Speak About Education
November 2016 |  READ

More Kids in High-Quality Seats
October 2016 |  READ


Introducing Kids First Chicago
September 2016 |  READ

Grantees Accelerate Student Outcomes
August 2016 |  READ

Students, Parents, & Teachers Fight for Schools
June/July 2016 |  READ