Parent Perspectives on School Board Governance

By Claiborne Wade | March 25, 2021

I understand that our elected leaders have the challenge of meeting the needs of CPS while remaining accountable to the citizens of Chicago

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A Mixed School Board

By Tracey Smith | March 5, 2021

I am the mother of twin boys who are transitioning into young men before my eyes. I chose to send them to private school because of concerns I have always had with Chicago’s public school system leaving some children behind.

Chicago Sun-Times: Free Laptops, School Supplies Handed out in Englewood

By Kids First Chicago | September 2, 2020

Kids First Chicago Parent Advisory Board (PAB) members organized a laptop and school supply giveaway in Englewood through their organization, Something Good in Englewood, in partnership with Comp-U-Dopt.

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Parents Need Digital Literacy Training

By Angelica Moreno | July 6, 2020

My name is Angelica Moreno. I live in the Belmont-Cragin neighborhood, and I am a mother of two students in CPS. My son attends Prosser Academy and my daughter goes to Lloyd Elementary.

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Families Need in-Home Internet

By Monique Martin | July 6, 2020

I am the mother of four children. Two are students at Smyth Elementary and two are in daycare. We live in the Little Italy neighborhood, and have been told by Comcast, AT&T, and other providers that it is not possible to have internet installed in our home because the infrastructure is not in place in the neighborhood.

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A Parent's Perspective on E-Learning

By Chya H. | July 6, 2020

With the rolling out of E-learning curriculum and finalizing of each teacher's lesson plans, we hoped for continued high-quality education with minimal loss to students' progression.

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CPS Families' Access to the Internet

By Denise Thurmond | June 29, 2020

We live in the Austin community, where my son is a first-grader at Leland Elementary School. When we moved into our current home, I did not sign up for home internet for the first six months because of the cost.

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Reflections After a Long Week

By Daniel Anello | June 9, 2020

It is okay to not be okay at this moment.

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Chicago Public Schools has more to do to Ensure all Students can Access Online Learning

By Claiborne Wade | June 1, 2020

I am the father of four children who attend school in the Austin community. Chicago Public Schools recently announced that 93% of students have “digital access.” I worry that this high number may lull us into complacency while it is not reflective of the reality on the ground in many of our communities.

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Evelyn Mendoza - Thoughts from the Class of 2020

By Jasmin Pizano | May 20, 2020

Like high school seniors across the country, I’m disappointed and sad that I don’t have the chance to complete my senior year with my classmates and teachers.

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Families Need Internet for Virtual Graduation

By Natalie C. Neris | May 13, 2020

Last Thursday, Mayor Lightfoot announced that, for the first time in Chicago’s history, the city will host a districtwide virtual high school graduation.

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8th Grade Virtual Graduation

By LaTeShia Hollingsworth | May 11, 2020

I am the mother of four living in the Englewood community. My oldest child is an eighth grader who is looking forward to starting high school next year.

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