times more likely to improve in reading


times more likely to improve in mathematics

When Parent Engagement Is Strong

Studies of successful schools show that a high rate of parent involvement is one of the most important reasons for their success. Schools are four times more likely to improve in reading and ten times more likely to improve in mathematics when parent engagement is strong.

Preparing for your Parent-Teacher Conference

Follow these steps before, during, and after your Parent-Teacher Conference to set your student up for success.


  • Review your child’s report card.

  • Talk with your child and ask them questions about school.

  • Write out your questions for the teacher in advance.

5 questions to ask your child before parent-teacher conferences:
  • What are you most proud of? Why?

  • What are the areas you were most challenged in? Why?

  • Do you feel safe and respected at school? How do you know?

  • What do you need from me? How can I support you?

  • Is there anything else I should know?

5 questions to ask during parent-teacher conferences:
  • Is my child performing at grade level?

  • What should she/he/they focus on?

  • What is my child like in your class?

  • What can we do together to help my child reach their goals?

  • What are our next steps


  • Ask your questions, add follow up questions as needed.

  • Find out how you and the teacher can work together/offer to help.

  • Agree on next steps.


  • Stay in touch with the teacher.

  • Follow through on your commitments.

  • Regularly check in on your child and monitor their progress toward their goals.

Take with You

Take this parent-teacher conference printout with you.

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