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Mayor Brandon Johnson Rejects CPS Budget: What Comes Next?

By Hal Woods | July 15, 2024

In an unprecedented move, Mayor Brandon Johnson blasts Chicago Public Schools' proposed $9.9 billion budget. What comes next?

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Why Juneteenth Matters

By Daniel Anello | June 19, 2024

As we celebrate Juneteenth, I hope you take a moment to reflect on the progress we have made toward a more racially equitable country and Chicago, and the hope we should all have for continuing that progress.

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Inclusive Negotiations Benefit Chicago Kids

By K1C Parent Advisory Board Executive Committee | June 4, 2024

Kids First Chicago Parent Advisory Board’s Executive Committee enthusiastically accepts CTU's invitation to participate in Collective Bargaining talks this summer.

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Highlights from Kids First Chicago's Latest Parent Leadership Fellowship Meeting

By Nayda De La Rosa | May 24, 2024

On Saturday, May 18, Kids First Chicago hosted its second-to-last Northwest Side Parent Leadership Fellowship (PLF) meeting at Roberto Clemente High School's Parent University.

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Kids First Chicago’s Parent Advisory Board on Illinois House Bill 303

By K1C Parent Advisory Board Executive Committee | May 13, 2024

Kids First Chicago's Parent Advisory Board weighs in on Illinois House Bill 303, indicating its support to extend the moratorium on school closures until a fully-elected school board takes office in 2027.

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Chicago Says Goodbye to Student-Based Budgeting. What's Next?

By Hal Woods | April 3, 2024

At its March 2024 Board meeting, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) announced plans to transition away from student-based budgeting (SBB).

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Springfield Considers Exempting Charters from Chicago’s School Closure Moratorium

By Hal Woods | February 26, 2024

Will the Illinois General Assembly grant power to the Chicago Board of Education to non-renew charters before a school closure moratorium lifts in 2025?

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School Resource Officers Resolution Explained

By Hal Woods | February 20, 2024

February Board Meeting Likely to Mark End of Police in Chicago Schools.

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What’s Behind Mayor Johnson Backing the House’s Elected School Board Proposal

By Hal Woods, Jessica Cañas | February 5, 2024

Mayor Johnson recently informed Illinois Senate president Don Harmon he would like to see 10 Chicago school board seats up for election this November.

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CPS on Verge of Deciding Charter Renewals

By Hal Woods | January 23, 2024

The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Board of Education will vote on the renewal term lengths for 47 charter campuses at its meeting this Thursday, January 25.

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