Unpacking Chicago Public Schools’ Five-Year Strategic Plan

Next Five-Year Strategic Plan (2025-2029)

Timeline & Goals

In September 2023, the Chicago Board of Education announced the launch of the District’s next Five-Year Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan will use components of the existing CPS Blueprint (English | Spanish), which guides the District through the end of School Year 2024-2025.

At its December 2023 meeting, the Chicago Board of Education passed a resolution on the Core Values and Parameters of its Strategic Plan.

The resolution requires the CPS CEO to present a five-year strategic plan to the Board in summer 2024 that will govern CPS from School Year 2024-2025 to School Year 2028-2029.

The strategic plan is required to include goals in the following five areas:

  • Daily Learning Experience

  • Adult Capacity and Continuous Learning

  • Inclusive and Collaborative School and Community

  • Resources For Equitable Student Experiences

  • Operational Excellence

Our Concerns with the Board of Education’s Resolution

Read K1C's opinion piece on the resolution.

Lack of Engagement

The Board of Education did no engagement before introducing and approving the resolution. The Board resolution sets the “goals and parameters” of the district’s five-year strategic plan. However, the Board created the document with zero public input. No parents were invited to share their perspective before the resolution was introduced and approved.

Lack of Transparency & Accessibility

Release of the resolution was last-minute and lacked transparency. The Board of Education provided just 48-hour notice prior to the introduction and adoption of the resolution. It was announced following a press conference with Chicago education reporters. The resolution was not included on the agenda during the previous week’s board agenda review meeting, where the Board reviews all agenda items for the upcoming monthly Board meeting. Moreover, the resolution has not been published in any language other than English.

Lack of Representative Governance

Beyond the resolution, the Board is adopting a five-year strategic plan before Chicago’s elected school board is seated. Part of the promise of an elected school board is that it will be more representative of and responsive to Chicago families than a Mayoral-appointed school board. Current Board members have been in office for less than six months and may not serve past January 2025. Why is Chicago's fully-appointed school board moving to adopt a strategic plan that will govern CPS for the next five years?

Your Voice Matters!

The Chicago Board of Education began engaging stakeholders on its strategic plan in April 2024. To learn more or register to attend an upcoming session, please visit the CPS website.

The district is planning to release a draft strategic plan in June 2024. The District said it will host community briefings to share where feedback was incorporated into the strategic plan.

In summer 2024, CPS will seek Board approval of the final strategic plan.

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