Remote Learning Begins at CPS. Will Virtual Efforts Make the Grade?

Chicago Public Schools students are now back in the classroom — virtually, that is.

By Andrea Zayas | April 14, 2020 |

Chicago Public Schools students are now back in the classroom — virtually, that is.

After being out of their school buildings for the last four weeks due to the coronavirus, students officially began remote learning Monday.

The district says it’s offering both digital and non-digital instruction and working to distribute 100,000 Chromebook and iPads to schools where students need them the most.

Despite efforts by the district and parents, many argue nothing can replace time in the classroom.

Andrea Zayas is the mother of four busy children, ages 10, 9, 7 and 4.

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It has been a very sudden and drastic shift in our day-to-day,” she said of the school closures and stay-at-home order. “We’re used to being on the go.

She set up a corner of her bedroom with educational posters and a computer for her kids to use for some of their home schooling.

But Zayas is also a teacher, and she’s trying to provide remote learning for her 25 students who typically attend Erie Charter School in Humboldt Park.

And as most working parents will tell you, the juggle is real.

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The 7-year-old, at 11 o’clock, I’m able to let him use my work computer and he sits right here and does his Zoom call with his teacher,” Zayas said. “At 12, it becomes really tricky, because I have to teach and the two oldest both have their Zoom calls.

Read the full article on WTTW, and watch Andrea's interview on Chicago Tonight here.

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