CPS Parents Should Have a Say in New School Board

CPS parents like myself deserve to have a say in the design of a new School Board.

By Yolanda Williams | April 15, 2021 |

CPS parents like myself deserve to have a say in the design of a new School Board. If I had a say, it would it would include elected positions similar to how the LSC is composed: mostly parents, including general and parents of diverse learners; a couple of community stakeholders, such as a pastors; academic experts, such as teachers, school nurses; and social justice practitioners to represent students through peacekeeping and equal rights.

I also believe that guaranteed diversity reflecting the diversity of CPS is very important. The Board should also include some positions appointed by the CEO or Mayor to help achieve some of these important roles.

While my vision represents just one parent’s wishes, any new legislation that changes the CPS Board should take into account the wishes of CPS parents whose children will be most affected.

— Yolanda Williams, North Lawndale

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