Highlights from Kids First Chicago's Latest Parent Leadership Fellowship Meeting

On Saturday, May 18, Kids First Chicago hosted its second-to-last Northwest Side Parent Leadership Fellowship (PLF) meeting at Roberto Clemente High School's Parent University.

By Nayda De La Rosa | May 24, 2024 |

On Saturday, May 18, Kids First Chicago hosted its second-to-last Northwest Side Parent Leadership Fellowship (PLF) meeting at Roberto Clemente High School's Parent University. The gathering began with a breakfast, during which attendees celebrated the recent election of two Parent Leadership Fellows, Norma Lopez and Clent Lewis, to local school councils (LSCs). Impressively, Norma Lopez secured a position on three different LSCs.

The meeting proceeded with the fellows deciding on a new name for their cohort, "NW Parents in Action." This choice marks an important step in defining their identity and mission as the fellowship nears its conclusion.

Kids First Chicago’s Chief of Policy, Hal Woods, led a session focused on the practical aspects of "cutting issues." He detailed a process by which education problems can be identified at the school or system-level and addressed through wider community and data-driven advocacy. This includes identifying other parents facing similar challenges, power mapping decision-makers, and strategizing advocacy efforts to achieve desired changes. PLF fellows workshopped issues they and other parents are facing using the “Cutting Issues” process.

Post-lunch discussions allowed fellows to explore ways to extend their engagement with Kids First Chicago beyond the fellowship. The day ended with a discussion between fellows and Alumna Brenda Rivera, of the Inaugural West Side Cohort, learning about the West Side I.N.C. campaign and other parent-led advocacy happening in the region.

As the Northwest Side cohort continues its progress, Kids First Chicago remains proactive in expanding its influence. We are currently recruiting new leaders from the South Side for the 2024-2025 cohort. With nominations open until May 31 and the new cohort to be announced in June, Kids First Chicago is set to welcome a diverse group of passionate parents ready to contribute to their communities. The 2024-2025 fellowship will kick-off in fall 2024 and ultimately join Kids First’s PLF alums from the West Side, Southwest Side, and Northwest Side. Continued investment in the PLF program exemplifies Kids First's commitment to building parent leadership across Chicago's diverse communities.

We’re recruiting for next year’s fellowship.

The Parent Leadership Fellowship (PLF) is Kid's First Chicago's (K1C) investment in parents as the true agents of change for education equity. Do you know someone (or yourself!) who would be a good fit for 2024-2025's cohort?

Nominate someone!
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