Our 2016 Impact Report

Introducing our new strategy to move 50,000 kids into high-quality seats

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In 2015, still operating as New Schools for Chicago, we engaged in an organizational restructure. We recognized that the market had shifted and our strategies needed to shift as well. While our overarching goals remained constant, our new approach is designed to ensure that families continue to have the school options they want, that schools are high quality, and that policies put kids first.

This system-focused work serves as the second wave of improving outcomes and dramatically reducing the number of students who end up trapped in low-quality schools.


Creating an environment conducive to high-quality schools is dependent upon significant investment in our priority areas:

  1. Elevate and Amplify the Parent Voice
    1. Provide tools and resources that will increase parent understanding and access to high-quality school options
    2. Elevate parent voice through a comprehensive parent advocacy campaign
    3. Amplify parent voices and concerns through a synchronized and widespread media effort
  2. Enhance Policy to Prioritize Kids and Families. Parent-informed focus areas:
    1. Universal Enrollment
    2. Adequate and Equitable Funding
    3. Transparent and Fair Accountability
  3. Provide Direct Support to Targeted Schools
    1. Identify mid-performing schools and provide comprehensive support to transform them into high-performing schools
    2. Work intentionally with school leaders
    3. Create a “blueprint” for contextualized improvements


Students moved to higher quality seats across the district


Our Impact

Since our relaunch in 2015, we've meaningfully shifted kids' access to high-quality seats in Chicago:

37,651 students moved to higher-quality seats across the district;

5,158 charter students moved to higher quality seats as a direct result of New Schools for Chicago; and

56 schools moved from low and mid-range to high-quality performance.

Read our 2016 Impact Report