Adela Salvidar

Community Engagement Coordinator, Southwest Chicago

She, Her, Hers

As a Community Engagement Coordinator, Adela works with Latine communities throughout Chicago, working with parents to support parent engagement, develop their skills so they can become stronger parent leaders, and advocate for their children.

Before joining K1C, Adela had been working in the Latino community for more than 16 years. She both worked as a parent advocate in schools and, for the last five years, worked for a non-profit organization where she coordinated programs for parents in Little Village. Adela has worked with parents who have kids at Saucedo, Hammond, Kanoon, and Spry Elementary Schools.

Adela’s passion to work with the community and her desire to highlight that every kid should have access to higher education drew her to Kids First. She believes every student should have the right to achieve a higher education, and values K1C’s approach to dramatically improving the education options for students in Chicago.

Being a mother of two young adults, Adela has experienced firsthand the struggle to access higher education. Because of her experiences, Adela has found it incredibly exciting to work closely with parents who face a language barrier, so that they can better understand their children’s education options.

Adela’s passions outside of work are running in the forest, which helps her to clear her mind while admiring and being closer to nature and taking care of plants. Now, she has a mini collection that has become an important part of her life.

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