In partnership with our parent-led High-Quality Teaching Task Force, Kids First Chicago is launching a new project to make CPS’s Curriculum Equity Initiative – and its investment in Skyline – better understood and supported by parents.

Skyline is a ground-breaking resource, built to ensure all of CPS’ 322,000 students have access to high-quality instructional resources. Skyline’s full suite of PK-12 digital resources, across six core content areas — English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Science, and two languages (Spanish and French) — are fully available inside and outside of the classroom, representing an ambitious and critical initiative to inform both school-based and out-of-school learning.

The district has spent more than $150 million on Skyline and points to it as a game-changing initiative to reduce Opportunity Gaps. However, given the need to focus on educator implementation and support, CPS has yet to roll out family-facing resources that explain Skyline and facilitate learning outside of the school day.