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August 23, 2018





August 9, 2018

In August of 2018,  our organization shifted our name from New Schools for Chicago, to Kids First Chicago. The media and press listed below include those published prior to our organizational name change. To learn more about our history, please visit History.

A closer look at Kids First Chicago, the group behind a report sparking debate

“We’re really a different kind of organization now,”  said Anello. “We’re pro-quality first and foremost — that includes high-quality charter schools like it includes high-quality traditional schools.”

Here’s How Daniel Anello and Kids First Chicago Put Families in the Position to Succeed

In all my years of working to bring better school choices to families on Chicago’s South and West Sides, it’s always blown my mind that people don’t take the time to listen to what these families have to say about their own kid’s education. Well, one guy who understands the importance of it is Daniel Anello. Daniel is the CEO of Kids First Chicago, a local nonprofit that works with families to get the best education possible. I talked with him recently about that work and his path toward education advocacy. 

-Tanesha Peeples, Deputy Director of Outreach, Education Post


February 13, 2018

Parents Know the Answers, We Just Have to Listen to Them

Putting parent voices at the center of our work has become a manifesto for how our organization approaches education policy. We now flip every policy conversation on its head and allow parents and families—not the wonks and politicians—to drive the conversation.



December 1, 2017

Enough with the negative reporting on Chicago Public Schools

In 15 years, Chicago has seen unprecedented improvements in education—progress that isn't confined to one school type, model, or curriculum. (For more on this, see a recent study connducted by education researcher Sean Reardon of Stanford University.)

Chicago has made progress despite six CPS superintendents in nearly as many years, near fiscal insolvency, a teacher strike, and inequitable funding for our kids. We did this despite constant turf wars over school type, governance, labor, and more. Chicago students achieved because amazing educators, school leaders, administrators, parents, and many others refused to allow competing interests of adults to impede the progress of kids.




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September 2017

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July 2017

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Chicago Defender, May 2017

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WTTW Chicago, April 2017

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State Journal Registrar, April 2017

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Medium, April 2017

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Ed Surge, January 2017



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Austin Talks, December 2016

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Chicago Sun-Times, December 2016

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Austin Weekly News, December 2016